Monday, December 3, 2007

The Power of Curry

What power does Ann Curry hold over Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? Does she hold a top secret sex tape in her possession? Does she know some officials at various adoption agencies across the globe? Do the Jolie-Pitts find the lull of her voice soothing? Does Angelina just have a thing for Asian women?

Every time "The Today Show" touts an "exclusive interview" with Brad and Angelina, it's always with Ann Curry. Why Ann why? Of all the people on "The Today Show", I find her the most bland and open to ridicule. Maybe it's her awkward jokes, the way she leans too far in towards her guests to show her sensitivity, the way she attacks attractive older male actors, but something about Ann ain't quite right to me. Perhaps, Ann got the first exclusive by random assignment and then she just became designated the go to girl for all things Brad and Angelina. Or maybe this was leverage. Ann, we gave you Brangelina, now you have to go to Antarctica during NBC's green week! Whatever it is, it's a real mystery. I think I'll put Natalie Morales on the case.

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Comic Monkey said...

I'd venture to guess that it's because no one knew where in the world matt lauer was when they needed him.