Friday, December 7, 2007

Original Carly ahhhhh!

Is Sarah Brown, the orignal Carly, coming back to GH? I just read this little cryptic tease on her site:

Now Sarah Brown, while always a VR Trooper in the back of my mind, is a great actress and just killed it in the role of Carly. She was getting Emmy nominations left and right back in the day. At the same time though, she was rather.....messy and masculine in her approach to Carly. She was very tough and rough and didn't strike me as your typical soap heroine. I also recall reading once that Steve Burton (aka Jason) wasn't crazy about the idea of love scenes with Sarah and I feel like it was due to her general posture and attitude but this was of course never confirmed. Laura Wright has been Carly for awhile now and she is fairly well respected in the genre. I'm not sure how well the fans like her as Carly but I'm sure it's better than that blah man voiced brunette who assumed the role ever briefly.

What do Coo Coo and General Hospital fans think of this news? Personally, I'd rather hear Vanessa Marcil or Jonathan Jackson was returning instead.

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Karen said...

I might actually have to check it out again if any of those three return!