Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Worst mother in America: Lynne Spears

So the news is everywhere that Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant. She's 16, keeping the baby, and made the big announcement in an exclusive with OK! magazine. What on earth!?! She's a baby! Even Britney at least waited until she was 20 and married. Jamie Lynn needs to be fired from her Nickelodeon show b/c this is not setting a very good example for all of her little tween girl fans. The father is her LIVE IN boyfriend and he's 19. What kind of mother lets your 16 year old live with her 19 year old boyfriend? Don't these Spears women know anything about birth control? Lynne Spears should be reading parenting books not writing them!


Julina said...

LOL. i love your "bad mommy" label. it's no wonder that the release for mommy's book is on hold indefinitely.

Karen said...

I totally agree with your headline. My thoughts exactly!