Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Things that I am loving this week:

Kanye West's white sunglasses-Simultaneously ironic, goofy, trendy, and reminds me of those dancing flowers wearing sunglasses from the '80s.
Kevin Mazur/ (Silver Lining, Breakin' Up, Under the Blacklight, Close Call, Smoke Detector are great. Avoid Jenny Lewis's Spanish in Dejalo)

My age inappropriate (but legal) crush Daniel Radcliffe doing tricks with his tongue and pretending to be American on "Ellen." I'm actually disturbed by the second tongue trick which resembles both lasagna and octopus tentacles. I feel like if he stuck his tongue on a window pane, it would stick in that position. Nonetheless, that is sheer talent folks.

Welcome to 2007

Ah, my first blog entry. I feel like such a modern woman. It's so liberating to take off this cumbersome petticoat. To tell you the truth, I have resisted thus far anything that reeks too much of technological advancement. I'm not sure when this happened, I used to love gadgets and electronics and IM. But somewhere in the past 5 years, I have turned into Bruce Willis in "Die Hard" and become stubbornly old-school. Sure I'm on all those social networking sites but I just don't feel the urge to stalk people through Facebook and communicate with my friends through these sites when I already know their email addresses. I also once denied a good looking guy my contact information because he asked for my email address and not my telephone number. And I don't even like talking on the phone! But I have discovered part of me is very old fashioned when it comes to certain things - like courting. Or my choice of words - like courting.

My aspirations for this blog are as follows (broken down by percentage):
35% TV show reviews
45% Entertainment gossip and commentary
15% Gossip girl (aka colorful anecdotes about my friends/family/co-workers/myself)
5% Angry lunatic ravings