Monday, December 10, 2007

Thought provoking article in the NYT

What are your thoughts on changing your name after marriage?


janet said...

Now I've spent my entire life perfecting my signature, and I'd love to use it until my dying day. Never one to be old-fashioned, I know that I would spend time considering a name change if at all. That being said, kids are mean, and a kid with a hyphenated surname or parents with different names will have a hard life (not like life on the road, but still). Then again, who said I even want kids? I'm intrigued by the completely new name concept, but names are powerful and symbolic and when you create a new name, you lose two histories. Eh, let's just see what the man's and woman's names are to begin with as well.

Karen said...

Well you know my feelings on the topic! Such a complicated and passionate issue on all sides. I did like the idea of the gender lottery for the kids' last names. Agree, kids are mean and I do believe that Janet has spent her life perfecting her signature. Only issue with a hyphenated name is if your kid wants to hyphenate their name later on. Oy. Of course I did make some of those suggestions but the WUs were not meant to be!