Thursday, November 29, 2007

Marie Osmond = Coo Coo Bananas

If you are a living breathing human being with access to the media, you are aware of the phenomenon that is "Dancing with the Stars". I'm a casual viewer of said program and I was pleased with the outcome. I like Helio and Julianne very much. Helio is very charming and an impressive hoofer for a race car driver and Juilianne is just so adorable that I hope Kevin Connelley never lays his stinky paws on her. I would also have been content if Mel won. She was always my favorite Spice Girl and she can really move. But the popularity of Marie Osmond really befuddles me. I know she's very popular with middle aged women/ moms and she seems like a nice enough woman who has been through a lot. However, she also seems a bit crazy. I understand she was raised in a performing household but there's something always off about child stars. I think she's way too close to Donnie and they just seem far too intimate in their interactions. I feel sure that they have at least made out in younger days. Stop calling your sister "hot" and "sexy" on "Entertainment Tonight" Donnie! It's disgusting to hear during my dinner time! I have no problem with the fact that Marie had post-partem - that can't be helped. I don't have a problem with the fact that she's a twice divorced Mormon. But I do have a problem with her lavishing praise on her 16 year old rehab bound son. It's a good thing that he is getting help but geez, 16 years old? This makes me question Marie's parenting skills. Maybe a little less dancing and a little more tough love Marie. And don't get me started on Marie's erratic dance moves and her wind up doll finale free style. I felt like I was watching a car wreck. It was craziest, most assinine thing I've seen since Britney's performance at the VMAs.

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