Friday, October 5, 2007

Today Show Throws a Wedding Part Deux

What can I say? I just love me some Today Show.

Today was Cody and Jessica's wedding and it looked really nice and it's great that everything is planned for them and it's free. However, a thought hit me as I was watching Natalie Morales at Tiffany & Co. (the site of their Breakfast at Tiffany's themed reception). Are the Today Show wedding receptions always just breakfast? They must be because they show the wedding live on the plaza at 8 something in the morning and from there they go on to the reception and I am not sure if the party continues until....lunch. As Natalie showed off the baby Bloody Mary's and Tiffany blue rimmed champagne glasses, I felt grossed out by the idea of having the reception for the biggest day of my life at 9am. I barely like eating breakfast at 10am and I really don't care for champage before that. Is the entire affair basically over by 2pm? Because that would be a very bizarre wedding set-up.

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