Monday, October 15, 2007

Thoughts on Al Gore's Nobel Peace Prize... wait a minute James Lipton is a pimp!

Well, this is old news now. But it's great news and well deserved - I love Al Gore, he was my first politician crush back in the early '90s (whatever, he was skinny and strapping back then). He has done wonderful things for the environment and he is a persistent and innovative advocate for going green.

But enough about Gore, I just read this today and it is much juicier:

James Lipton, host of Inside the Actor’s Studio, spent his early years working as a pimp in Paris. James has interviewed the top actors of our time for the past 13 years and is revealing the details of his life in a new book. ABC News reports:"This was when I was very very young, living in Paris, penniless, unable to get any kind of working permit... I had a friend who worked in what is called the Milieu, which is that world and she suggested to me one night, `Look, you'll be my mec... We would translate it perhaps... as pimp. We were earning our living together, this young woman and I, we made a rather good living, I must say."

He does have those shifty pimp eyes!

This has been a banner week. Dumbledore is gay, Marie Osmond faints, and James Lipton is a pimp. I love it!

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