Monday, October 8, 2007

An open note to Degrassi, The Next Generation

Dear Degrassi,

Sometimes it's okay to be subtle. I understand that you are Canadian and advertise that you "go there" and it's true. No one beats "Degrassi" or the N network in general for cutting edge stories and risky subject matter. But in your recent season premiere, Darcy managed to get roofied at a ski party, got raped by an unknown assailant, found out she got chlamydia, and then had the school think she lost her virginity to Peter (and insist she remove her abstinance ring). Then Darcy slit her wrist in the shower in the girl's locker room during cheerleading practice. This was an hour long episode but come on! Too much going there Degrassi. Maybe split that drama up for a change. I feel like sometimes you need to lighten things up. Plus, if you keep up at this pace, you may run out of stories. You can only have so many pregnancies, stripping, school violence, and drinking problems when most of the kids are still in high school. Save it for "Degrassi: The College Years".


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