Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tom Brady: Injured?

Tom Brady was spotted wearing a walking boot and limping the other night in NYC. Superfans and reporters are fretting over the injury. Brady says he'll still be in the Super Bowl and I could care less about the Patriots. I'd rather speculate over how he got the injury. My theory: Giselle Bunchen beats him! I smell abusive relationship people!

The evidence:

Brady was spotted carrying some lovely flowers for Giselle on the night in question. I don't buy that he was just being sweet. The man is an absentee father, he's not sweet. Perhaps they were make up flowers so her temper would cool or flowers to show he's whipped both literally and figuratively?

He wore the walking boot to Butter. Who wears such a thing to a place where there is dancing? He should be staying home and resting his injury. Unless his dominating partner demanded he go out partying and dancing or she'll break the ankle for real this time!!!

I'm kidding of course. Giselle seems like a very nice lady and would probably never beat a big, strong and tough man like Tom Brady... unless he really deserved it.

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