Monday, January 14, 2008

List of Celeb Contributions to Political Candidates

I cut and paste this from Perez who cut and paste it from... some other source.

It's pretty interesting. Ellen Pompeo gives more than Oprah!

Jennifer Aniston–$2,300 to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama
Tyra Banks–$2,300 contribution to Obama
Halle Berry–$2,300 to Obama
Zach Braff–$2,300 to Obama
Christie Brinkley–$2,150 to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton–$1,000 to Obama
Jerry Bruckheimer–$2,300 to Republican presidential candidate John McCain
Cher–$2,100 to former Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden
George Clooney–$2,300 to Obama
Michael Douglas–$4,600 to Clinton–$4,600 to Richardson–$1,500 to Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich–$4,600 to Dodd–$4,600 to Obama
Jamie Foxx–$2,300 to Obama
Kelsey Grammer–$2,300 to Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani
Tom Hanks–$2,300 to Clinton–$2,300 to Obama
Val Kilmer–$2,300 to Richardson
Tobey Maguire–$4,600 to Clinton–$2,300 to Obama
Steve Martin–$2,300 to Dodd
Lorne Michaels–$4,600 to Dodd–$2,300 to McCain
Bette Midler–$4,600 to Richardson–$2,300 to Clinton–$2,300 to Obama
Eddie Murphy–$2,300 to Obama
Paul Newman–$4,600 to Obama–$4,600 to Clinton–$2,300 to Richardson–$4,600 to Dodd
Edward Norton–$2,300 to Obama
Rosie O'Donnell–$2,300 to Clinton–$2,300 to Obama–$2,300 to Richardson–$2,300 to Edwards
Sean Penn–$2,300 to Kucinich–$4,600 to Edwards
Ellen Pompeo–$4,600 to Obama
Lynn Redgrave–$250 to Clinton
Rob Reiner–$2,300 to Clinton–$2,300 to Richardson–$2,300 to Edwards–$1,000 to Dodd
Chris Rock–$4,600 to Obama
Adam Sandler–$2,100 to Giuliani
Brooke Shields–$2,300 to Obama
Will Smith–$4,600 to Obama
Steven Spielberg–$2,300 to Clinton–$2,300 to Richardson–$2,300 to Edwards–$2,300 to Obama
Ben Stein–$750 to Giuliani
Ben Stiller–$2,300 to Edwards–$2,300 to Obama–$4,600 to Clinton
Barbra Streisand–$1,000 to Dodd–$2,300 to Clinton–$2,300 to Edwards–$2,300 to Obama
Oprah Winfrey–$2,300 to Obama
Renee Zellweger–$4,600 to Clinton

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Karen said...

Fascinating, but Oprah has no price.