Thursday, January 17, 2008

Age Inappropriate Crushes

I think now and then everyone gets them. It of course isn't so bad if you are 21 and like a 17 year old celebrity but it veers into uncomfortable territory the older you get. These crushes can vary between just wanting to hang out with the person to saying "If I was that age, I would date so and so" to the downright creepy love/lust that border on pedophile alert (I'm talking to you Hayden Panettiere fans). I will say right now my age inappropriate crushes are probably more the "If I were younger..." variety. With that, I present you with my age inappropriate crush, Ryan Sheckler. Ryan stars on the show "Life of Ryan" on MTV and he's a professional skate boarder. The kid is really down to earth for someone so famous and he seems like a genuinely nice and responsible 17 year old. Which is downright refreshing to see on a network like MTV.


-He can afford to buy his own house at 17 (but ended up not to spend time with his brothers).
-He seems genuinely kind and considerate.
-He is loyal to his friends.
-He is family oriented. Much of his show revolves around Ryan trying to be there for his little brothers and his divorced parents.
-He doesn't want to date women who are only interested in him b/c he's famous.
-He's very driven and talented at what he does.
-He has a new shorter haircut that is quite fetching.
-Skate boarders are cool.
-He cries on national television without shame.

-He has a penchant for cheap looking blondes who have just broken up with their boyfriends.
-He wears really big diamond studs on his ears.


Melissa said...

I also love Ryan. In the same "if I were younger..." sort of way. I love how close he is to his little brother.

janet said...

I like how his little brother bursts out crying at the drop of a hat! I'll bet he'd bawl if Ryan left to go to the bathroom.

Julina said...

interesting. i wouldn't peg you for the MTV reality type.

Lisa XX said...

It's the writer's strike Julina and the fact that the show actually is not bad at all!

Julina said...

sure sure blame the writer's strike!