Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Oprah vs Angelou

Coo Coo has been silent these past few days out of respect for Heath Ledger and will not comment on his death until the autopsy is conclusive.

But we saw this tidbit today and had to resurface for commentary.

Adding more confusion to Election '08, Maya Angelous has come out in support of Hillary. Angelous said, “I know what kind of president Hillary Clinton will be because I know who she is. Hillary Clinton has always been a strong woman and a passionate protector of families. For 35 years, that’s exactly what she has been doing. Each generation of African Americans stands on the shoulders of those who came before. Today, the challenges facing us threaten the dreams we have had for our children. We need a president with the experience and strength to meet those challenges. I am inspired by Hillary Clinton’s commitment and courage — a daughter, a wife, a mother — my girl.”

My question is this, were there heated debates at dinner parties between Oprah and Maya? After all, Mama O loves Maya Angelous and vice versa. Will this cause a rift in an otherwise otherworldly spirtual connection? Where does Gayle King stand in all this? Don't tell me she's for Edwards?!?


Julina said...

It's really nice that you were silent for a while out of respect to Heath Ledger. I didn't feel like blogging about random tv news either. It just didn't feel important.

Lisa XX said...

You are one classy lady Julina.