Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Manny the Movie Guy

In my quest to find out more information about "No Country For Old Men" (which is a great movie........but probably even better if your theater has air conditioning and you don't almost black out at the end - Thanks Loews Union Sqaure!), I stumbled upon this fellow's site. His name is Manny and I guess he reviews movies and sometimes interviews movie stars. I was glancing over his page when two things caught my eye. The first is that the background is pale pink with lipstick prints all over. The second thing I noticed is that he said he once had a crush on Josh Brolin. I thought to myself "Who is this guy?" So I can't actually watch his interviews as I am at work and cannot view video in the office but I was able to click on "About Manny" and it was so entertaining that I have decided to share his site with all of you.

While I literally only looked at this site for 5 minutes in total, I am deeming it coo coo worthy.

My favorites bit on the site is:

You can feel Manny’s love for films in his TV and radio segments, or in his weekly paper. From his ratings (he gives kisses—because he loves movies so much, every movie deserves at least a kiss—or a half kiss—just don’t ask him to give the tongue) to the way he calls his viewers, listeners, readers—they’re all “lovely.” Manny also has this infectious giggle that viewers have been imitating but never able to duplicate. And of course, Manny parades around with his magical beret, not because he’s bald, but it’s his lucky hat.So luck, tenacity, and talent led him to where he is now, let’s all wait and see where his American dream will take him next. Let’s just pray it doesn’t turn into an American nightmare (giggles).

Manny strikes me as a Phillippino Ross the Intern with a penchant for headwear. Here's his site: http://www.mannythemovieguy.com/.


kev said...

Thanks for posting Manny the Movie Guy's site...he is funny and adorable! You're right...he's like a filipino Ross the intern...BUT with substance! He knows his craft!

I looked around and he's a member of many guilds...very impressive!

Thanks and cheerios...Kev

Lisa XX said...

Manny, is that you?

Manny The Movie Guy said...

Hi Miss Lisa...I did a blog search on my favorite subject (me he-he-he)...and FOUND THIS!!! You are fantastic...thanks for giving me love...and no, I'm not kev...but thanks kev :)

Can I post this link on my site, to give you love as well?

I was trying to email you...but couldn't :(



Lisa XX said...

Hi Manny,

Oh I'm so flattered that you found me.......looking for yourself. lol. Of course, you can post this link on your site! I'm just glad it's you who found me doing a search and not Marie Osmond.

Manny The Movie Guy said...

Done Miss Lisa...it's all about love :)

See for yourself :)

HAVE A HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON...if I don't bug you before then :)