Monday, November 12, 2007

General Hospital's Black and White Ball

Now I have refrained from commenting on soaps thus far on the blog b/c, well, it ruins my street cred. But alas, it's my duty as a blogger to talk about things that rile me up and "General Hospital" is riling me up. I haven't kept up with the soaps in some time. I generally watch Soapnet with a focus on ABC Daytime during the summer when there is no original programming on the networks or cable. But in recent years, soap operas have been so terrible that I couldn't even stomach watching the asinine acting and ridiculous plots. "General Hospital" is generally higher in quality in terms of storylines and acting so I started watching their Black and White Ball storyline last week to find out what major character died (I love it when a soap is ballsy enough to kill a major character AND keep them dead which is rare). Basically, GH is repeating their old trick from the Hotel Fire storyline where they show some bits in the "present" which let you peek into the catastrophic aftermath of some major event. Then they go back in time, hour by hour, much like 24 to let you see the events leading up to the tragedy. Of course, it looks like someone died at the Ball, they are making it seem like Emily Quartermaine but who knows, they never actually showed us a dead body, only a white masquerade ball mask and a wailing Nicholas Cassadine. Now, my feelings about this storyline are as follows (in no particular order):


1) Nicholas threw this party to celebrate his renewed love with Emily. He wanted to re-create the magic of the Bacchanalia which Emily loved back when she was played by Amber Tamblyn and not hot enough to be paired with Tyler Christopher (who looks so chunky now, good thing he and Vanessa Marcil never tied the knot, she would be cursing her misfortune). Now, that's sweet to bring in history I suppose but is Nicholas forgetting something very important about the Bacchanalia? KATHERINE BELL WAS PUSHED OFF THE PARAPET!!! Everyone knows that!! I mean, I don't think Katherine died (maybe she fake died I cannot recall) but still it was a very tragic end to a "magical night". If the citizens of Port Charles were normal human beings, one would assume that they would always associate the Bacchanalia with Katherine's tragic fall and not the delicious Windamere punch and Gothic architecture.

2) Rick got stabbed through the shoulder with some kind of sword/lance. Fine, fine, I can believe that. A psycho killer is on the loose and stuff like this happens. However, this is where I get angry. He's losing a lot of blood and therefore Dr. Patrick Drake declares if they don't operate on Rick immediately, he will die! Now there is no power, no tools, and minimal gloves. How on earth are they going to do a blood transfusion? With straws and steak knives? This makes absolutely no sense! I mean it's bad enough they did this during the hotel fire, stitching HIV positive Robin up with a basic sewing kit and towels found around the hotel, but something about a blood transfusion I find more ridiculous. I mean it makes no sense! Just kill Rick and be done with it than make me watch this silly story. Even "Grey's Anatomy" is more realistic than this.

3) I miss Lucy Coe, she would have been buckets of fun at this Ball. Someone give Lynn Herring a call! She's comedy gold.

4) Rumors are swirling that Luke is the one to die from a heart attack. Give me a break Soap Opera Digest. You are so full of it. If Tony Geary left the show or was let go, I would be compelled to write an angry letter, err email, to ABC and possibly stop watching the show altogether.


5) Robin Scorpio looks gorgeous in this story. Her gown, her make-up, her hair - everything works. I have never seen her look better! Nice job hair, make-up, and wardrobe department! She definitely looks better than Leyla for the past few weeks.

6) That kid who play Johnny Zacchara is hot and can act. I like him with Lulu. Just when I think I really like the guy Lulu is paired with, GH brings on an even better love interest for her. But they must be careful, Lulu is apparently the only suitable young woman in town and she may end up with quite a slutty reputation with all these men around - Logan, Spinelli, the younger brother of Max, Johnny. She's only one woman.


Karen said...

I too miss Lucy Coe. Sigh. Not that I watch but maybe for her. Did she just go off into the sunset with PC?

Lisa XX said...

I feel like b/c it was "Port Charles" they were probably all eaten by vampires and then Ryan Collins showed up and killed everyone.