Monday, November 12, 2007

Kanye West's Mother Dies

I read this morning that Kanye West's mother died unexpectedly during cosmetic surgery. That is sad news but also cringe-worthy and awkward. What a terrible way to die. They aren't publicly releasing what kind of cosmetic surgery it was and probably may not ever reveal that information but I feel like it's safe to assume it was probably something frivolous and unnecessary like liposuction. The idea that you risked your life for superficial purposes is very depressing. Kanye's mother was quite young as well - only 58. It does remind you that one should not just jump onto the plastic surgery bandwagon just because you can b/c there are some real risks involved any time you go under the knife.


Julina said...

In Clueless, Cher's mother died during a routine liposuction.

Lisa XX said...

She was such a Betty.