Monday, August 4, 2008

Olympic Fever

So the Olympics are coming up and I was struck by one thought - the thought that pops into my head every year since 2000: what is Tom Dolan up to? Now for the uneducated, Tom Dolan is an amazing Olympic swimmer who went to the University of Michigan. He won gold in 1996 in the 400 meter and then won gold again in 2000 in the 400 meter and a silver medal in the 200 meter. He broke many records and drew a lot of attention due to his tall lanky frame, University of Michigan hip tattoo and the fact that he battled asthma, chronic fatigue, and lung viruses and still persevered. Basically, he was my childhood Olympic crush and I loved him. Sure other famous Olympic swimmers with big personalities have come and gone since (Gary Hall Jr, Ian Thorpe, Michael Phelps) but no one captured my loyalty like Tom Dolan. So I decided to google Tom Dolan to see what he is up to and learned the following things (assuming these links had correct up-to-date information):

-He is 6'6" tall and at his heyday had 3% body fat.
-He worked as a sales trader at an investment bank in DC after college.
-He was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) in2006.
-He is working with Carlile Swimming in Australia to help bring their swim school model to the US.
-I still love Tom Dolan.

So for all the Tom Dolan fans out there, feel free to reminisce about our golden boy and be comforted by the fact that it sounds like he is doing well and isn't some drug addict who can't hold onto a steady job and tries to pick up women at a bar with the line "hey, I was once on a Wheaties box."


Julina said...

LOL. Tom Dolan. Now that's not a name you hear every day. Thank for the update. Do you have any updates on my favorite gymnast, Alexie Nemov?

Lisa XX said...

"Sexy Alexei" Nemov currently lives in his hometown of Tolyatti with his wife Galina, and his son Alexei. He's harder to find information on than Tom Dolan!