Wednesday, May 28, 2008

TV Guide Shocker Indeed

TV Guide just released some shocking news and it's not even about a television show. TV Guide's official scoop-master/ resident egomaniac, Michael Ausiello is leaving to go work for Entertainment Weekly. WTF!!???!!

I'm distressed somewhat by this news. I used to be a big fan of Ausiello. I laughed at his jokes, read his spoilers religiously, contemplated sending him Snapple, and once went to a TV Guide holiday party with the hopes that I might run into the man. His job was a dream job to me, his loves (Lauren Graham, etc) were my loves. But somewhere along the line, the love went sour. I would probably pinpoint it to about 1, 1 1/2 years ago when I found myself truly tiring of his schtick. His columns seemed to revolve more around praise and insults directed at him rather than the TV show gossip that I was looking for. If you only have so much space to answer questions, why would you clog up essential room with comments from readers declaring their affection for this pseudo-celebrity. In fact, it seems like Michael Ausiello has been working very hard recently to cultivate this image of himself as a legitimate celebrity (pushing for votes for sexiest vegetarian and so on). Of course, there are famous writers and I certainly even have my favorite magazine writers, but Ausiello was just so shameless and self-indulgent that he crossed over from lovable minx to annoying pixie in a very short span of time. And now to hear that he is moving over to my favorite entertainment magazine on the planet? Oh, it's just dreadful. Perhaps EW will reign in the ego as their focus is more on the material and digging deeper into entertainment stories rather than throwing in a lot of silly jokes and cheap spoilers to make up for substance. All I can say is, Michael Ausiello, you are no Dalton Ross. You are no Ken Tucker. And you sure as hell are no Mark Harris. However, you are still superior to Scott Brown (god he annoys me). So reign in your Smurf love and your ego stroking and stick to entertaining readers with substance and not fluff. I'm hoping that this is a great growth opportunity and will allow you to put more journalistic ambition into your articles. However, if I start reading about your partner's stationary line in the pages of EW, I will seriously consider cancelling my subscription.


MTV Guide has a new frenemy: Michael Ausiello is joining Entertainment Weekly, after eight fantastic years as our resident scooper. "Michael has been a great reporter and a great friend," says editor-in-chief Christy Tanner. "We wish him the best, and promise that we won’t miss a beat delivering all the great scoop you’re used to on"

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