Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Arrrrgg Men!

Due to illnesss and work load, Coo Coo has been busy. No one is immune from the flu/bronchitis. However, we were compelled to speak out on a very important matter. No, not the primary results but tonight's "Life of Ryan" episode. Ryan has been bitching about finding a girlfriend for 2 years. He finally finds one and Kayla seems like a sweet girl (we finally got over the bleached blonde hair and heavy eyeliner). But tonight, Ryan turns 18 and suddenly has no time for a girlfriend. Admittedly, he probably doesn't as he is busy with his career and friends and so on. However, we really believed in his quest for love and he just came across as such a ...... a.......man tonight. ARRGG! Kayla just bought him a $250 dollar Gucci wallet for Christmas (did Ryan google the price or did Kayla leave the price tag on?), wanted to meet his dad, and helped plan his surprise birthday party. Okay, maybe our gal came on a bit strong with all the talk about feelings and insisting on meeting the parents, but still, she was such a nice girl and really liked him. It made us want to throw a book at Ryan's Redbull clad head (enough with product placement by the way, it's just becoming too in your face). So Coo Coo Bananas is now on team Kayla. We encourage her to engage in other girl relationship cliches now that they have broken up. Cut your hair short! Eat a pint of ice cream! Call Ryan's home phone and hang up! Throw cans of Red Bull in Ryan's yard! Start dating Tony! Girl power!

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