Monday, February 4, 2008

October Road-Defender of the Homely

I was reading "Ask Matt" on this morning and came upon this question which was quite humorous. I have bolded my favorite part.

Question: I agree with you that October Road is poorly written. No one is going to deny that. But did Grey's Anatomy ever get knocked for its bomb fiascos and endless love triangles? While people do complain about Grey's, it can't even compare to the amount of grief given to October Road, which may have poor writing, but which portrays homeliness and neighborly feeling in a remarkably warm light. The characters may be plain, but they're your best friends from high school. Whereas McSteamy is just plain Superman with an addiction to sex (like we've never heard that one before). I personally believe that all TV has its cheese. Leave the edge and the realism to full feature films.— Laura

Now, Matt's answer is irrelevant. But basically, he says "October Road" sucks and is on the low end of guilty pleasure.

But who tries to defend a show by admitting it's written poorly but is a positive example b/c it employs homely actors? Lol, I mean that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever read. That's like saying "Rock of Love" is trashy and low class but at least provides a showcase for extremely unattractive and cheap women. Finally, an advocate for French trannies everywhere!! And also, if I were Laura Preppon, that dude from "One Tree Hill"and that Uma Thurman movie, and that Stults guy from "7th Heaven" (these guys are not even worth imdb-ing their names for confirmation), I would be insulted. I realize that Laura is not referring to them as the homely ones but still, they are the stars of this haven for the homely.

Note: Is it possible that she means "homey-ness" instead (or whatever is the accurate version of that word). Is she simply trying to say that "October Road" makes you feel cozy and warm and keeps it real? Is this a case of the misplaced "l"?

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Julina said...

October Road is just one big gag fest. I don't care to know which Stults brother is on the show either (for all we know they could be doing the Full House thing where both brothers take turns playing the same character). I liked this comment from Michael Ausiello:

Why don't you like October Road? Everyone I know loves it, and we are dying to find out who Sam's father is. Any hints? - KW

Ausiello: I don't like October Road for the same reason I don't like getting an air-conditioner dropped on my head: It's painful. Having said that, we're in the middle of a strike and I'm desperate, so here's a hint about Sam's daddy: While we'll learn more about his paternity in these final episodes, don't expect the mystery to be solved until Season 3. [Shudder]